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Speciality Product

Trade Name Ionic Character Application
CV CHELATE LM ANIONIC High performance chelating agent base of mixture compound it is suitable for scouring or dyeing process
CHELATE SS 500 ANIONIC Acid chelating agent base of organophosphonic
ESTALUBE PES ANIONIC Lubricant for preventing crease mark cause friction fibre to metal, acrilate base suitable for synthetic fibres
LUBRITEX LV ANIONIC/NONIONIC High performance anticrese agent, preventing rope mark, creasing, abrasion fibre to fibre or fibre to metal during process base of blend pospahte ester, suitable for all fibre especially contain spandex
MORITEX LRD ANIONIC Solubility assistance for reactive and direct dies to eliminate level dyeing problem, improve migration during dyeing process to get event dyeing
AQUALIC YS 100 ANIONIC High conc soaping agent good anti redepotition sodium polyacrilate base
MORIPON NXL NONIONIC Solvent scouring agent for oil removal
OIL REMOVAL LM NONIONIC High conc oil, grease removal
RIGOCLEAN LM AMPHOTERIC High conc dispersant, anti oligomer for polyester wet reduce and anti back staining in relaxing/desizing.
Pwk 905 WEAK CATIONIC Alkali accelilator to get unique hand filling for T/R woven
FORMACLEAN DLM NONIONIC Formaldehide catcher agent effective for reduce content on fabric during finishing process.
JETCLEANER LM AMPHOTERIC High dispersant assistance for machine cleaner to remove taring, impurities after several time dyeing process
EMULSIFIER B CATIONIC Surfactant agent for emulsion silicone
EMULSIFIER D CATIONIC Surfactant agent modified emulsifier for emulsion silicone
SILICONE OIL CL 1350 CATIONIC Row of amino silicon for micro emulsion silicone softener
SILSOFT TCM CONC CATIONIC High concentrate micro silicon softener
SILSOFT S 80 CATIONIC High concentrate micro emulsion silicon softener for economic cost