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Trade Name Ionic Character Application
CLEANTEX 250 ANIONIC Peroxide residue neutralizer.
ESTAPON LF-1 NONIONIC Scouring agent base of alcylbenzene & polyoxyethylene alcyl aryl ester.
ESTAPON LM 960 NONIONIC High performance scouring agent, strong emulsifing for elastane fibre & high density yarn.
ESTAPON LM 9E ANIONIC/NONIONIC High power of removing oil, good wetting & antiredeposition scouring agent for cotton spandex, viscose and its blend.
MORIPON LM 210 AMPOTHERIC Scouring agent high dispersant suitable for desizeing synthetic fibre and blend.
STABIGEN C ANIONIC Peroxide stabilizer for bleaching cotton fibre.
RTG Sp NONIONIC High performance oxidative desizeing agent.
WETAPON MES ANIONIC High alkali stable wetting agent, suitable for mercerize and causticsize.
MORIPON LM 303 C NONIONIC High concentrate scouring agent with non APEO.
ESTAPON LF Series NONIONIC Non APEO scouring agent with low foaming performance.
CV CHELATE LM ANIONIC High performance chelating agent base on polyacrylate sodium, suitable for scouring & all wet process.