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Trade Name Ionic Character Application
LASASOFT N 12 NON IONIC Bulky & smoothy softener effect for knitted and blend fabric
LASSASOL NONIONIC PVAC filler to get stiffness and handling modifier easy to dilution in water
SILSOFT TCM CATIONIC Economic micro emulsion silicon softener to achieve silky and soft handle for all fibre
SILSOFT TK HM CATIONIC Micro emultion type Amino silicone softener smooth touch and luxury hand filling
SILSOFT S 201 WEAK CATIONIC Dimethyl silicone softener to achieve optimum nice touch filling
MORISOFT 505 NONIONIC Modified non ionic softener non yellowing effect
HIGHETHYLENE AC 3 NON IONIC Softener agent recommended for exceptionally soft handle and excellent lubrication to improve tear strength and sewabillity
POLYSOFT TLM NONIONIC Hydrofilic softening agent to improve water absorbtion on polyester knitted and high twiss polyester woven, antistatic and soil realise
SARI OIL NONIONIC Softener to improve lubrication on yarn during rewinding, tear strength sewability
SILSOFT TCM conc CATIONIC High concentrate amino silicone softener
SILSOFT AS 80 CATIONIC High concentrate amino silicone softener